Hello, world!

WM_trashcan2lid_psHi. Welcome to my new blog! I’m here to save the world!

I meant to start five hours ago (okay, more like five months ago)…but first I had to run to the farmer’s market to get a few things for Thanksgiving. Then I had to make butternut squash soup using the squash I bought there last weekend, before it goes bad. And then, while eating said soup, I had to watch YouTube videos on how to apply (and remove) press-on nails. (If you knew me, you’d be like, “What?” on that last one. It’s totally out of character—plus: hello, plastic??) Then I had to call PayPal to straighten something out…

You get what’s happening here? Saving the planet is INTIMIDATING.

But I’m gonna try.

Actually, the planet itself doesn’t need saving. It’s here to stay, at least until the Sun goes kaput—and that’s not scheduled for a few billion more years. But I’d like to help keep it inhabitable. The planet, that is. For humans. (That’s us.) And animals. (That’s us, too.)

Why do I want to do that? I’ve maybe got another 50 years here on Earth, if I’m lucky. And I don’t have kids, so that’s not a motivator. (I do have a nephew on the way, though! Yay!) My Zen practice suggests accepting “what is.” So why can’t I just go about my day and then watch a little TV before bed like everyone else?

Because I feel the pull to have an impact. In fact, maybe it’s precisely because I don’t have offspring (an instinct that’s ingrained to keep our species going); my ego needs to contribute somehow.

Fake nails

28 little pieces of plastic? What was I thinking??

Plus I’m kind of a geek—I’m fascinated by plate tectonics, recycling, evolution, composting…. I’ll definitely cover some of these things in my posts…between dentist appointments and work and figuring out how to transfer everything onto my new iPhone, and class readings. Did I mention I’m in an environmental Certificate Program at Columbia University? I just started back up last week; more about that later, but that’s how serious I am about this, ‘kay? I’m also planning to include a few features like Waste Wednesdays, Food Scrap Fridays and Solution Sundays.

I’m just one small voice in a very big world, but if my positive impact can even slightly outweigh my negative impact, then mission accomplished. And just as important, let’s have fun! Shall we? It’s not fun if it’s not fun! You can follow this blog by clicking down below, and watch as I attempt to save the world (or at least get people to use less plastic).

Oh, and I’m gonna need your help. So please share in the comments below whenever you’re inspired, annoyed, celebratory, curious, or if the words “climate change” just make you feel like you need a virtual hug. I’m here for you. Meanwhile, you can read more about how I got here on my About page.

Off we go!!


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