I clearly suck at saving the world.

Or at least I suck at blogging. (So far, anyway.)

I planned to recap the big Climate Conference in Paris earlier this month for everybody…but I still l haven’t had a chance to figure out what happened there myself. Christmas was upon me like a runaway train, as was my Biodiversity class at Columbia, a full-time freelance job, performing in two different shows (I’ll get back to that in a bit), making travel plans to see family, a broken pipe in my apartment (which involved pulling out an entire kitchen wall a few days before my AirBnB guests arrived), and, of course, entertaining. So I got a little behind.


At the Cabaret Showdown All-Star Holiday Concert

I didn’t even get around to posting the Christmas song I retooled and performed in a little concert on the 13th. I took the tune to “White Christmas” and wrote new, environmental lyrics, renaming it “Green Christmas.”

I’m dreaming…of a Green Christmas
With CO2 under control.
With solar panels glowing
And wind turbines blowing
So we don’t have to frack no mo’…

Unfortunately, the only video I have from the show is my struggling with an onstage costume-change snafu, which turned into an apparently side-splitting 3-minute comedy bit. (I’ve posted it here.)

I’m dreaming…of a Green Christmas
Just like the ones I hope we see.
With a Democrat chosen,
And glaciers still frozen
So my real estate…
stays above the sea. (I live right by the Hudson River, so, ya know, forget about it…)

IMG_7087The job I was working was right off Times Square, so I had to plow through those crowds twice a day on my way to and from the subway. But there’s always something on the route of life that makes me happy, like this guy and his gum-removing machine – talk about your waste management.

And when I was trying to find out more info on the Times Square Alliance (that’s what it says on his snappy red ensemble), I learned that Times Square New Year’s Eve (that’s an entity, apparently) chose an Official Charitable Partner for New Year’s Eve 2016: Global Citizen. They’re an online platform for educating the public on how to make life on the planet more sustainable. On Christmas day, they posted a piece about human waste being used to light up homes around the world – for reals!!

toilet_in_india.jpg__700x468_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscaleI’m dreaming…of a Green Christmas
With every plastic bag I decline (no, really, I don’t need a bag, I only have one item…)
When those stupid things cost extra,

And Santa drives a Tesla
And the Koch brothers are somehow undermined.

Anyhoo, peeps, I gotta run–I’m still in California seeing family and friends. I head back to NYC tomorrow. Where I plan to FOCUS. For reals.

In fact, here’s one of my New Year’s resolutions: Say NO to things that don’t serve my goal to have a positive impact, before I kick it.

I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas
Re-gifted gifts under the tree.
May your skies and oceans be cleeeeeannnn…
And may all our Christmases be green.



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