My homage to Fashion Week!


Deb in canDid I mention that (so far) I suck at saving the world? Actually, I am making progress (more on that later), but let’s talk about something important: It’s Fashion Week in NYC!!!

We’re talking Tiffany Trump, the Olsen twins, the Kardashians (natch)—all icons of the colossal carbon footprint. It’s waste-tastic! The Olsen twins’ closet has more fur than a Staten Island nudie beach on the 4th of July.

Herewith, my own little homage to Fashion Week—featuring waste, of course. Mostly garbage bags, which I have a special relationship to. To be honest, though, I did not invent garbage bag couture. Jean Paul Gaultier designed his robe sac poubelle (garbage bag dress) for the punk-era fall/winter collection of 1980, accessorized with tin-can cuff bracelets. (See slide #2.) I saw it in person at the Fine Arts Museum in SF (after I did “Swamp Girl,” p.s.). Killer exhibit.

By the way, below this brief slideshow (with captions) that I personally curated for you guys, I’ve posted the 3-minute video that I promised of my costume-change snafu in December—so scroll down for that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, as promised, here’s that video, in case you need more clothing-related silliness. For context, it’s from the Cabaret Showdown All-Star Christmas Concert. I’d just sung a “Christmas Blues” mash-up in a little Santa dress, and then I topped it (literally) with a garbage bag and my “Green Christmas” tune. This is the onstage costume change that followed that. (Ironically, none of the songs themselves were captured.) Enjoy! And please give Waste Management: The Page on Facebook a “like” for more pithy rabble-rousing. We’re gettin’ there, peeps!

It’s a little BIGGER here on Vimeo. Oh! And “follow” this blog in the footer below, if you like it! (If you need instructions for following, liking, and other expressions of love, just email me at Let’s save the world!!)


p.s. Here’s a cool article from when Landsat-8 was launched, with some really sweet environmental shots from space.

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