“Happy” International Women’s Day?

How I feel on this International Women’s Day
. . .

This is gonna be a shorter one, with no audio, because it’s mainly to say that my Pussy Hat and I are not doing okay. Women’s rights are getting more flicked all the time. (And I think you know I don’t mean “flicked,” but I’m a lady. 🙂 )

To “celebrate” International Women’s Day, I’m just sending you to a fun post I did a while back on modern Ladyhood. Enjoy reading this throwback HERE.

I talk about Wonder Woman, thruples, good guys, bad guys, lady parts — and even include a few tweets from the dude who was President at the time. ‘Member him?? (As if we could forget.)

Luckily things have gotten so much better! NOT.

It’s old news that our Supreme Court made it possible last year for states that are almost the size of Western Europe (i.e., Texas) to force a woman — or girl — to have a baby, no matter who knocked her up, and without holding that male accountable for helping to raise the kid.

But now a court ruling on blocking nationwide access to a safe, medical early-pregnancy termination drug is expected to drop any day now. Decided by a Trump-appointed judge. Welcome to the USA. You’ve come a long way, baby.

In better news (for yours truly, anyway) . . . !

The audio from my Murder House post has been downloaded in both Hamburg, New Jersey and Hamburg, Germany. Also in India, Switzerland and the U.K. And the cuckoo-headed “United” States.

Hey, Happy International Women’s Day, my friends — male, female, or abstaining from either. Next time I’ll go back to my regular programming. (Maybe 🙂 )


Above: A few of my other “mood” experiments. I kinda like the cat.

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