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photo by Karina Fassett

Hi, I’m Deb, and I’m an enviro-nerd. This blog is part of my attempt to save the planet. So far it’s going great, right?!

I’m also writing a book about it, but let’s back up a little.

I grew up in the ’burbs of SoCal, where smog-alerts ruled school recess, and the orange groves were gradually replaced with strip malls. After undergrad, I escaped to “Hollywood” and became a TV comedy writer (as Angelenas do). But when traffic jams, small talk, and athleisurewear finally killed LA, I hightailed it to New York City.

WM postcard frontThere the theatre beckoned, and I took my words to the stage, writing a little play that got published, and one-person performances that people seemed to like. One of them was Waste Management: The Show (for people who care about the environment, but are just too darn BUSY to do anything about it). It was an ode to one of my true loves at the time: recycling. In the show, I try to juggle pedicures, gynecologist appointments, and possible mob connections with saving the world—or at least getting people to use less plastic.

Meanwhile I worked in advertising, helping to sell soda in plastic bottles and tampons with plastic applicators.

SG postcard 4.21x5.47But somewhere along the line, I had a dark night of the soul that impelled me use my powers for good. I think it was that fateful night in the Way Back Times when Hillary lost the presidential election.

So, to really put my money where my big mouth is, I applied for and then completed a program at Columbia University in Environmental Conservation & Sustainability. And I started this here blog. And now I’m working on that book I mentioned above, which is sort of primer for saving the planet. Assuming we should save it.

Oh, and the DAY BEFORE New York City locked down for the pandemic, I moved to a little village up in the Hudson Valley of New York. When you live in a (very) small town, you get to see a whole different picture!

Deb pink suit

Pink Planet-Saving Power Suit

As I say in act one of WM:TS, I’d like to have one tiny, positive impact on the world. If my positive impact can just slightly outweigh my negative impact, I’d be so psyched. And if I can do that without chaining myself to the side of an oil rig in the Arctic (I think I’m more of an Antarctic kinda gal), or giving up my hair colorist, even better.

You’ll learn more about me as you read my posts—maybe more than you want! I like to push the boundaries of TMI.

I have an online portfolio of other kinds of writing, at DebsBrain.com. Check it out if that’s your thing.

And welcome to CitizenDeb.com! Happy reading!!


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