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What an enviro-dork does on her summer vacation (pt. 2)

When we last left off, I’d just gotten back to Montauk from a little day trip to Block Island, exploring its recycling center and new off-shore wind farm. And also riding my friend Anna’s bike around, sampling the local food, talking to random strangers . . . Totally fun day.

recycling-bagWhen I got home early that eve to the house I was sharing “out east” for the summer, the shopping bag that I’d left for my housemates to put their recycling in had grown quite a bit. Ya see, information had previously been circulating that we just had to put our recyclables into the garbage with everything else, and it would be sorted at its final destination.

Well. I was suspect. Hence the bag.

The next day, I went on a mission to the Montauk dump — or more accurately, the Montauk Transfer Station — to find out the truth.

Borrowing Anna’s bike again, I put my beach towel and my 800-page copy of Moby Dick into my backpack; then put the bag of recyclables into a plastic trash bag (which I later re-used) and tied that onto the backpack. The big Poland Springs water jug went into a nylon shopping bag tied to the handlebars. Here’s me, ready to go (and for all you #nomakeup girls, you can kiss my unadorned arse, ’cause this is the real deal):  Read More…

Stumped, and a Trip to an Island

MontaukmorningMonday morning:

I’m having a tough time trying to figure out how to save the world today.

It’s not because I’m in Montauk at the moment, sitting out on the deck with my coffee and oatmeal, a warm breeze on my skin, a kitty in the shade next to me, and a nice, new copy of Moby Dick at the ready. Which should make me feel pretty content.

Also, I’m thrilled with the response to my post on becoming a vegan — I’m actually having a positive impact! YEAH!

But then there’s all this:

I just took a look at to see for myself where Donald Trump’s frightening ideas are coming from.

Once our first female President takes office (please, god), I’m afraid she will be so tainted that any forward movement of our fair sex will be negligible.

Sea levels are rising NOW due to melting polar caps caused by manmade climate change, wreaking havoc on our coasts. (More than just the recent Louisiana floods.)

And my Dad told me this weekend that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. 😦

No wonder my head hurts and I want to cry.

So what waste-tastic things should I write about today? I have loads of ideas in the bin (no pun intended). . . Read More…

A Handy-Dandy Guide to NonProfit Email Subject Lines


(Actual screenshot from my iPhone)

Apparently somebody found out I’m trying to save the world, because I get a crazy number of emails from cool organizations like WWF and and the League of Conservation Voters, asking for a signature, or a five-spot, or whatevs.

It can make one bonkers, trying to figure out who to help, and who to (guiltily, in my case) send to the Trash.

But two emails jumped out at me – one on Wednesday, and one last week.

The one from Wednesday got me glued to a live stream of Congress for much of the next 20 hours, watching a HISTORIC move by Democrats, as they staged a sit-in on the House floor to get Republicans to bring two gun measures to a vote. “No bill, no break,” they declared. It was some of the most riveting television I’ve seen in years, as each Representative spoke eloquently and passionately through the night and morning. More on that later.

trash cansThe other email, from last week, was an update on the Single-Use Bag Bill that New York City passed last month, instating a 5-cent fee for single-use shopping bags beginning this October. I was absolutely giddy about the idea of the city giving out five million fewer plastic bags a year (I wrote about it here). Well, it turns out New York State OVERTURNED the ruling – or at least postponed it to February while “amendments” are made. ARRRGGGHHH.

The rest of the emails I got became a big blur of worthwhile but overwhelming solicitations, though. I mean, of course we want to help. But do we have to read another email to do it??

Well, yours truly is here to save you from wasting your precious time (this is Waste Management: The Blog). Herewith, a succinct Guide to Nonprofit Email Subject Lines (with pictures!) that may have appeared in your in-box recently, as they have over here. It’s possible I got a few other emails mixed in there, too. I was gonna make the whole thing into a quiz, letting you match the subject lines with my pithy descriptions, but I decided to give your brains a break. I’ll start things off easy with the one I just mentioned and move on (pun intended) from there . . . Read More…